Monday, 6 October 2014

Prince of Yeaman History

The Real name Prince of Yeaman family Kamon dynasty is Ujang. When Yeaman tribe was destroyed by Poseidaru,he  escape with me to pack mule-Hassa to his adoptive father place. After that, I claiming to pack mule surname. Has been advised from the pack mule-Hassa (it was in the hour and minute of childhood, but also has storage in the case of Imperial City fall) that itself is a successor of Kamon dynasty is, will crest dynasty revived himself had been fully say not, and do not know their own, such as Kamon is a pack mule My load also in Imawa of pack mule-Hassa.

It left the home in a way that socialize to Pacquiao wants to succeed in life and search for Kuwasan-Oribi is Kyokon a sister-in-law became the missing, was oriented enlisted to Poseidaru regular army, and plunge it into rebels from the course become. It becomes oriented way to overthrow the current regime from the question to the reign of Poseidaru, and revealed that it is the successor of Kamon dynasty as a symbol gliding the rebels after the death of Stella Coban, it becomes claiming to Kamon My Road . To Insei for without having to be involved in the construction of a new world, to care for Oribi that has brought about the psychataxia after the war. Machine squared Gaim story first half, Gaim Mk-II is the second half of the story.

Voice - (narration also concurrently) in the childhood friend of Otsuka Yoshitada pack mule, and a pack mule Tsuredashi did not intend to go out into the world, to the journey together. It's luck-pusher, but an excellent mechanic, I deal with the maintenance of the ship and of HM line. It seems to begin the journey and Lilith of "looking Mirari" The war after the conclusion. There was a thing, rejoice would be bathed in a large amount of radiation in order to stop the reactor was about to run away, as the radiation initial set in late, to be homosexual couple treats and pack mule in the novel version, but it has been reflected in the work no.

It was working the family business thieves have refuge deep in the mountains, Reelin family, but fell in love with pack mule when it struck a line of pack mule, and would like to act together with Daba-ra. Played a Sayaate of love tour a pack mule and Resshi~i which joined the party in love with the same pack mule then, it is served with Hana in the first half of the story. The boarding even after HM, and would like to participate in the battle. Gaim, the multiplier machine such as a space Goron Gore. Since the pack mule is got the L-Gaim Mk-II, it becomes full-time Gaim. Had been implied the parent-child relationship full flat (= Poseidaru) In the novel version, but the presentation of conclusive evidence has not been made by the death of the flat.

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